8. Address Book Module for WooCommerce

You must include an address book in your WooCommerce website. Because it will help the customers to save the billing and shipping address properly. We know that this information is highly significant for the product delivery process. With the help of wcEazy, you can add the address book to your WordPress website.

We will show you the process of enabling address books with the help of the address book module. Let’s focus on that.

How to Enable & Use Address Book Module #

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy. Now navigate to the address module from the plugin dashboard.

Address Book Module

As you can see there are buttons for enabling the module. Besides that, it has options for setting up the address book based on your site’s requirements. After turning on the module, click on the settings option.

wceazy General Settings

In the general settings, you can enable and disable the billing and shipping address book for the account page and checkout page. 

Now click on the typography menu to change the text of the address book.

wceazy Typography settings

In the typography settings, you can fully customize the text of the checkout and account pages.  There are options for editing the account page menu title, billing address book headline, shipping address book headline, address book button text, etc. Basically, you can change all the text of your address book on the checkout page and account page.

There is also an option for editing the style of the address book. Click on the Styles options below the typography settings.

Customize Styles

In this setting, you can change the button background color, button text color, button text hover color, address card background color, address text color, etc.

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