4. Auto Apply Coupon Module for WooCommerce

Overview #

Applying lots of coupons for customers is a hassle. It will consume a significant amount of time. Also, you will feel irritated and monotonous by doing this. Now don’t worry we are going to introduce you to the auto-apply coupon module for your WooCommerce.

With the help of this module, you can automatically apply coupon codes for your customers for different occasions. So let’s see the enabling process.

How to Enable Auto Apply Coupon Module #

Let’s see the following process that leads you to access the Auto Apply Coupon.

  • To enable the Auto Apply coupon go to the wcEazy >> Auto Apply coupon and turn ON the required switch.
  • For accessing all the features of Auto Apply coupon go to wcEazy >> Auto Apply Coupon >> Settings.

Auto Apply Coupon Module

In the Settings option, here is the selecting option for per page view. From here you can select the required number and your selected number of coupons will be displayed on each page.

Settings 2
  • To show the coupon type select the Show all types bar that will show the coupon type list. Select the coupon type from here.
  • The search bar provides the facility to search for any coupon among a huge number of coupons.
  • Under Action here is Edit and Delete options for each coupon. So you can edit any coupon as you need.
  • For the required amount of coupons that you want to show on each page, select the number of coupons from Per Page View.
  • To go to another page there paging is available. You can select from here.
  • To apply Bulk action select all coupons or check the related boxes that you want to add or remove.
Settings 3

To create any coupon into an auto-apply coupon go for Action and click on the switch. Then you will be asked if you want to make an auto-apply coupon, click on yes. After that, the coupon will turn into an auto-apply coupon.

Make Auto Apply Coupon

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