5. BOGO Deal Module for WooCommerce

Attractive discounts always attract customers to purchase the product from your store. It opens up a huge opportunity to increase the sale of your online store. By-one-and-get-one (BOGO) discounts are very efficient to attract the attention of customers.

With the BOGO deal module, you can easily add BOGO discounts on your WooCommerce store. Within a few moments you can turn on the BOGO deals for your customers. Let’s focus on the full process of turning on the module.

How to Enable & Use BOGO Module #

Your business fully depends on customer engagement and interest. To grab their attention, provide a BOGO Deal.

  • To enable this module click on the wcEazy tab and it will redirect to all modules containing the page. Then Turn ON BOGO Deal enabling switch.
  • Go to Settings and access all BOGO deal-related features.
BOGO Module

In Settings, you will find the BOGO Deals page where you need to add rules for BOGO Deal.

  • Add Rules for BOGO deals. And also give a specific name of each deal.
  • Select the discount type that you want to provide. It can be a percentage discount or a fixed discount.
  • Enter the discount amount that you want to provide.
bogo deal
  • Go for Products to Buy. Select the product that should be bought to enjoy the BOGO deal and also fix the required quantity.
  • Go for Products to Gifts. Select the product that should be gifted for buying the products on sale.

You can buy more products and gifts.

bogo deal module
  • You can Add a new rule by clicking on the Add Rule button.
  • Remember to Save the changes after making every change.

You can go back to all modules by clicking on Back to All Modules.


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