7. Free Shipping Bar Module for WooCommerce

Most consumers want free shipping while they are purchasing products from online stores. Sometimes shipping costs increase the overall cost of the product. Its psychology impacts the mind of the customers. They might have abandoned the cart during purchasing the product.

So sometimes you should run free shipping campaigns for your customers. The free shipping bar module will help you to do that. Let’s see how you can easily turn on free shipping on your WooCommerce website.

How to Enable & Use Free Shipping Bar Module #

First, go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy. Now navigate to the free shipping bar module.

Free Shipping Bar Module

Now click on the enable button to enable the free shipping bar. Also, you have to go to the settings to prepare the bar for your website.

General Settings

We have successfully reached the settings menu of the module. 

  • Enable Shipping Bar – Enable the button for the free shipping bar.
  • Display in Desktop – Turn on the shipping bar on the desktop.
  • Display in Mobile – Turn on the shipping bar on mobile.
  • Select Shipping Zone – Choose your desired shipping zone.
  • Exclude Pages – Disable the shipping bar for the specific pages of your website.
  • Exclude Products – Disable the shipping bar for the specific product pages of your website.

Now navigate to the cart & checkout menu.

Cart _ Checkout Page Settings

In this menu, you can customize the shipping bar on the cart and checkout page such as the button position. Along with that, you can change the style of the free shipping bar.


In the style menu, you can easily change the free shipping bars headline text, progress bars background, progress bar color, and progress bars button text color.

Customize Massages

Also, you can customize the messages for various purposes such as order amount, partially completed order, and order amount.

Effect Settings

In the effect settings, you can set up the delay time and enable disappear time.

Customize Style 1

Proper design is always important for displaying the free shipping bar on your website. In the customize style menu you can change lots of things from your shipping bar. Some of the common elements are background color, shipping bar position, layout, link color, text color, etc.

Customize Style

Along with that, you can also change the style of the free shipping progress bar.

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