How to Navigate the Features of the wcEazy Plugin

As we already know that the wcEazy is a multi-functional WooCommerce plugin. So it will provide you with lots of different kinds of advantages for your online store. You might wonder if it will be difficult to access and use all the essential functionality.

Generally, wcEazy has 11 different modules for the WooCommerce website. We will also include more essential modules in the future. In this guide, we are going to show you how you can easily access the features and each module.

In the previous section, we have shown you the way to install the plugin on your WordPress website. We hope you installed wcEazy on your WordPress website.

Now go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy


You will see all the modules of wcEazy from the plugin dashboard.

wcEazy Dashboard

In every module, you will be able to access three different options. 

  1. Module Enable Button – With the help of this button, you can enable/disable the module based on your requirement. Sometimes you might disable modules for doing other work.
  1. Settings – From the settings section you can customize each module’s functionality. 
  1. Documentation – In the documentation menu you can see the guide to using the specific module. So if you face any difficulty while using the module, you can solve the problem by visiting the documentation page.

However, you can also see the active and inactive modules of the plugin.

wcEazy active and inactive plugin

Now let’s navigate to the active modules section.

active modules

Let’s see the inactive module of the wcEazy plugin.

inactive modules of wcEazy

Through this functionality, you can easily see the active and inactive modules.  Along with that, you can search for the name of the module on the search bar.

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