9. Product Filter Module for WooCommerce

A growing online store must have a product filtering option. Because it helps the customers to find their desired product. As a result, it speeds up the purchasing process of your online store customers. So it’s necessary to enable this feature on your WooCommerce website. 

Otherwise, your store will become irrelevant in the competition of the growing eCommerce marketplaces. No worries! Because wcEazy will help you to add a product filter option on your WordPress website. In this guide, we will show you the full process of enabling product filters on your store.

Let’s jump on the full process.

How to Enable & Use Product Filter Module #

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy. Now navigate to the Product Filter Module. 

Product Filter Module

To enable the module click on the enable button. After turning on the module, you have to set up the module. So click on the settings of the module.

General Settings

In the general settings, you can access all the basic functionality. You can turn on/off different types of filters like search filter, price filter, rating filter, category filter, stock status filter, etc.

Product Settings

Product settings have different types of product-related features. You can set how many products you want to show on the filtering result. Also, there are options for editing text on different buttons such as add to cart, select options, previous page, next page, etc.

Search Filter Settings

In the search filter settings, you can easily edit the text and styles of the search filter such as label text, label font color, input field text color, etc.

Price Filter Settings

The price filter also has similar customization functionality to search filter settings. By following this you can edit other filters such as rating filter, category filter, and stock filters.

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