Do I need to acquire any coding knowledge to use wcEazy?

No, you don’t have to gather any coding knowledge. Just install the wcEazy plugin, it is very much user friendly and provides proper direction to access all its features. 


Learn More About wcEazy

WordPress Plugin wcEazy


wcEazy provides multiple WooCommerce extensions in a single package you’ll ever require. The most convenient WordPress plugin wcEazy provides enormous modules. This single plugin serves multi purpose to create a perfect WooCommerce site.


With wcEazy, an all-in-one WooCommerce plugin, you can increase your sales with a wide variety of features. It simplifies the overall customizing way of a WooCommerce site. In addition, no coding related knowledge is required to access this plugin. It comes up with an easy setup and user friendly accessing process.


Dozens of WordPress WooCommerce plugins are no longer necessary!

With just one plugin, you can improve the flexibility of your WooCommerce website.


wcEazy comes with the following features:


Enrich with features: This tremendous plugin is enriched with a lot of features and functionalities. It will help you to provide your customer a flawless experience. You will have proper control on this plugin from your site’s backend portion.


Does not require any coding: To activate and access the WordPress plugin wcEazy, it is not necessary to have any coding knowledge. Its set up and customizing process are very much user friendly.


Saves cost and time: Installing one plugin, you will get services of different plugins at a time as it provides huge features that can serve all WooCommerce related purposes. This amazing plugin increases your store’s sales and saves your money and time by creating the most flexible Woocommerce site in the most user friendly way.


Modules of WordPress Plugin wcEazy


Auto Apply Coupon: Enabling this module you will let your customers enjoy the term of automatically applying coupons by just clicking on the Apply Coupon button. It helps to remove the hassle of entering a coupon code for a coupon.


BOGO Deal: Create attractive BOGO deals for your WooCommerce store to catch your customers attention and encourage them to stay in your store and buy products more and more.


Coupon Generator: Promote your WooCommerce site generating similar coupons in big quantities with wcEazy. Using this plugin you are allowed to Generate similar types of coupons for clients.


Floating Cart: wcEazy provides a floating Cart for WooCommerce that is used to add a sticky cart button with product information, title and image, product count etc.


One Click Checkout: It allows users to create a special page using One Click Checkout for WooCommerce website where customers can select products, checkout, and pay all on the same page.


PDF Invoice and Packing Slips: Depending on the order state, PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce generates PDF invoices and sends them to your clients by attaching them to the order email. A PDF invoice contains product purchasing details that are used to track and record purpose. You can access the PDF invoice as a file format, print or save it to keep a record.


Product Sticky Bar: Initiate your WooCommerce site with a product sticky bar that is a useful addon for boosting conversion rates on WooCommerce sites. Every product page contains a sticky bar with an Add to Cart button as well as other product-related information including a product thumbnail, title, rating, and price.


URL Coupon: Generate unique URLs to any coupon in your e-commerce store. Adding a URL to any coupon, you can apply a coupon code automatically just by clicking a link.

Free Shipping Bar: A floating banner that displays at the top or bottom of your website and informs visitors that you provide free shipping or other offers is known as a free shipping bar. It’s an excellent approach to encourage customers to complete the checkout process.



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