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wcEazy comes with 9+ modules.Each module comes as a single plugin that you are using.
So that you can reduce 9 plugins from your WooCommerce site. BOOM

9+ Modules
More are coming...


Auto Apply Coupons

All users for automatically applying coupons by just clicking on the Apply Coupon button.

URL Coupon

URL coupon allows to apply a coupon automatically just by clicking into a link.

Coupon Generator

Promote your WooCommerce site generating coupons in big quantities with wcEazy.

BOGO Deals

Create attractive BOGO deals for your WooCommerce store to catch your customers attention

Floating Cart

wcEazy provides a floating Cart for WooCommerce that contains product information, title and image, product count etc.

Product Sticky Bar

Product sticky bar which is a useful addon for boosting conversion rates on WooCommerce sites

One Click Checkout

It create a special page where customers can have all products, checkout, and pay all on the same page.

Free Shipping Bar

A floating banner that displays at the top or bottom of your website and informs visitors about free shipping or other offers.

PDF Invoice & Packing Slips

Generates PDF invoices and packing slips for sending them to your clients email.

Cost effective and feature-rich

wcEazy provides various modules, so you don't have to go out and discover functionalities for your WooCommerce site and pay for each one. As a result, you can use a huge number of functions and modules with just one plugin, saving you money. With its extensive set of functions, this useful plugin can assist you in a variety of ways. You are free to use whatever powerful feature you choose; however, you are not required to use any of them. Customize your WooCommerce site to perfection with our robust features.


Build for WooCommerce

wcEazy can be a massive support for WooCommerce. Enrich your WooCommerce site by downloading only one plugin with a lot of modules. Its modules make you satisfied providing a workable WooCommerce site. The plugin vastly works on maintaining its quality and reliability. Our plugin assures you full WooCommerce support that allows you to create a proper compatible WooCommerce site.

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  • 9 Modules
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  • 100 Websites
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  • Lifetime Access
  • 1000 Websites
  • 9 Modules
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  • Lifetime Updates included

Our 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our help & support service. However, if our plugin still doesn’t meet your needs, we’ll happily refund 100% of your money within 30 days of your purchase. No questions will be asked.

I installed all these 20 over free WooCommerce plugins and now it keeps breaking my site whenever I update. Diagnosing the issue takes a lot of time, But when I use wcEazy, everything is in one. I reduce my plugins from 30 to 22. When my site has an issue, it is easy to find the problem to fix it. Comes with all the tools for WooCommerce. One plugin does all I need for my Site.

Henry Hoe Yong Zhi

Henry Hoe Yong Zhi Founder


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