BOGO discount rule maker for WooCommerce

wcEazy's module Bogo Deal is mostly intended to provide promotional items. That is to say, if you run promotions for your Woo-commerce site, the bogo deal is often used to reach customers offering promotional products in your e-commerce store.

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  • Create amazing BOGO Deal to attract your customers.
  • This module provides flat discounts on specific products as there are two types of discounts supported: fixed and percentage discounts.
  • It provides quantity-based discounts for certain products. And it helps you to make rules as you like and run multiple discount offers.
  • You can offer the same or different product as a gift for BOGO Deal.
  • Offer specific Products for BOGO Deal. You also have the scope to choose the discount type and amount for creating a particular BOGO Deal.
  • A feasible module for your WooCommerce site that will help you to create bulk discount offers.
  • Allows the business owner to quickly manage and maintain coupon data and also allows consumers to effortlessly apply bulk discounts.
  • Add and delete rules whenever you want.

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