1. Added: 100% translation ready

2. Added: Provide translation for Chinese, Bangla, French (France), Japanese, Russian, German and Spanish (Spain).

3. Fixed: Document link issue


1. Updated: Code efficiency increased to improve memory consumption.

2. Updated: Recoded for lower plugin size and fast loading.

3. Added: More customization feature added in several modules.


1. Module Name : PdfInvoice & Packing Slip

2. Added new features :

3. Enable VAT & SSN on Checkout.

4. Customize Invoice with SSN.

5. Customize Invoice with VAT.

6. Customize Invoice with Paid Stamp

7. Fixed : Responsive Issues For Free Shipping Bar.


1. Updated: Fixed Dashboard Style Issues & WooCommerce activated issues if WooCommerce is not install & activate.

2. Improved: Performance of the plugin has been improved.


1. Updated: Minor Bug fixed on PDF Invoice Module

2. Updated: Compatibility with WordPress 6.0

3. Improved: Performance of the plugin has been improved


1. This is initial Release for wcEazy