wcEazy is a feasible WordPress plugin. This tremendous plugin provides enormous modules with huge features and functionality. It is able to serve you in every manner regarding creating a fully WooCommerce supportive store. The available modules are listed below:

  • Auto Apply Coupon: Enabling this module you will let your customers enjoy the term of automatically applying coupons by just clicking on the Apply Coupon button. It helps to remove the hassle of entering a coupon code for a coupon.
  • Bogo Deal: Create attractive BOGO deals for your WooCommerce store to catch your customers attention and encourage them to stay in your store and buy products more and more.
  • Coupon Generator: Promote your WooCommerce site generating similar coupons in big quantities with wcEazy. Using this plugin you are allowed to Generate similar types of coupons for clients.
  • Floating Cart: wcEazy provides a floating Cart for WooCommerce that is used to add a sticky cart button with product information, title and image, product count etc.
  • One Click Checkout: It allows users to create a special page using One Click Checkout for WooCommerce website where customers can select products, checkout, and pay all on the same page.
  • PDF Invoice and Packing Slips: PDF Invoice & Packing Slip for WooCommerce generates PDF invoices and sends them to your clients by attaching them to the order email. A PDF invoice contains product purchasing details that are used to track and record purpose. You can access the PDF invoice as a file format, print or save it to keep a record.
  • Product Sticky Bar: Product sticky bar is a useful addon for boosting conversion rates on WooCommerce sites. Every product page contains a sticky bar with an Add to Cart button as well as other product-related information including a product thumbnail, title, rating, and price.
  • URL Coupon: Generate unique URLs to any coupon in your e-commerce store. Adding a URL to any coupon, you can apply a coupon code automatically just by clicking a link.

Enabling wcEazy’s modules in bulk

To enable your required modules of wcEazy you need first go to the admin dashboard.

  • Go to the WordPress Dashboard >> Install wcEazy >> Activate it. doc
  • Click on wcEazy that will show all modules enabling options.
  • Turn On the switches for preferred modules to enable them. For example Turn On the switches of Bogo deal, Auto Apply Coupon, Floating cart, Product Sticky bar and so on.
  • Click on Settings to access the features of each module. doc

Disabling wcEazy’s modules in bulk

To disable the plugin from dashboard:
Go to WordPress Dashboard > Deactivate wcEazy.


If you want to only disable any module then turn off the switch of the enabled module. For example, turn off the switch for Bogo deal, Auto Apply Coupon, Floating cart, Product Sticky bar and so on.


How to get started with wcEazy

How to Perceive Modules of wcEazy Effortlessly?

When you have already completed the installation and activation process, here you find a wcEazy tab. To access all its modules click on that tab and the page will load all its amazing features.

So, go to the wcEazy Tab >> and you will find Auto Apply Coupon, Bogo Deal, Coupon Generator, Floating Cart, One Click Checkout, PDF Invoice and Packing Slips, Product Sticky Bar, URL Coupon enabling switch.


If you want to see the active modules then click on Active and all activated modules will be represented.


It also displays the modules that are inactive. To see the inactive modules click on Inactive and it will show the disabled modules. You can enable any module from here if you need.


Here is also the facility to search any module. To search a module type the module name into the search bar.


How to access each modules

Now it's turn to talk about a particular module accessing the process in detail. So that you can have the flexibility to work on these modules.

Auto Apply coupon

Lets see the following process that leads you to access the Auto Apply Coupon.

  • To enable Auto apply coupon go to the wcEazy >> Auto Apply coupon and turn ON the required switch.
  • For accessing all the features of Auto apply coupon go to wcEazy >> Auto Apply Coupon >> Settings. doc

In the Settings option, here is the selecting option for per page view. From here you can select the required number and your selected number of coupons will be displayed on each page. doc

To add or remove coupons to the auto apply coupon list go to the Bulk action and follow the given process.

  • Check the box that is located left on the Code to select all the coupons by only one click.
  • Check the boxes particularly to select some required coupons among all these coupons.
  • Lastly go to Bulk action , select the action that you want to apply on your selected coupons after that click on Apply button to apply the action.
  • The required amount of coupons that you want to show on each page, select the number of coupons from Per Page View. doc
  • To show the coupon type select the Show all types bar that will show the coupon type list. Select the coupon type from here.
  • Search bar provide the facility to search any coupon among a huge number of coupons.
  • Under Action here is Edit and Delete options for each coupon. So you can edit any coupon as you need.
  • The required amount of coupons that you want to show on each page, select the number of coupons from Per Page View.
  • To go for another page there paging is available. You can select from here.
  • To apply Bulk action select all coupons or check the related boxes that you want to add or remove. doc
  • To create any coupon into an auto apply coupon go for Action and click on the switch. Then you will be asked if you want to make an auto apply coupon, click on yes. After that the coupon will turn into an auto apply coupon. doc


Your business fully depends on customer engagement and interest. To grab their attention, provide a BOGO Deal.

Let’s go through the accessing process of this module.

  • To enable this module click on the wcEazy tab and it will redirect to the all modules containing page. Then Turn ON BOGO Deal enabling switch.
  • Go to the Settings and access all BOGO deal related features. doc

In Settings you will Find BOGO Deals page where you need to create rules for BOGO Deal.

  • Create Rules for BOGO deals. And also give a specific name of each deal.
  • Select the discount type that you want to provide. It can be a percentage discount or fixed discount.
  • Enter the discount amount that you want to provide. doc
  • Go for Products to Buy. Select the product that should be bought to enjoy the BOGO deal and also fix the required quantity.
  • Go for Products to Gifts. Select the product that should be gifted for buying the products on sale.
  • You can buy more products and gifts. doc
  • You can Add a new rule by clicking on the Add Rule button.
  • Remember to Save the changes after making every change.
  • You can go back to all modules by clicking on Back to All Modules. doc

Coupon Generator

Generate bulk coupons using Coupon Generator. Go to the wcEazy and you will find the Coupon Generator module. Let’s go to Settings and have a look at Coupon Generator in detail.

  • First of all you will find Prefix in the Coupon Generator module accessing the page. Here you can insert a particular prefix for coupons to generate the same type of coupons with a particular prefix.
  • Enter the number of coupons that you want to generate.
  • You are allowed to choose the coupon type. Go to the Coupon Type and select the required coupon type to generate bulk coupons of similar type.
  • You can fix the coupons’ character length. Enter your required character length for coupons. doc

Now it's turn to go through the General Settings.

  • First of all here is the Discount Type option. Go for it and select the discount type that you want to provide on coupons. The discount type can be Percentage discount or Fixed discount.
  • Enter the amount of coupons that you want to generate in Coupon Amount.
  • Allow Free shipping is an amazing addition. Check the Allow Free Shipping box if the coupons grant free shipping.
  • Coupon Expiry Date is provided to select a validity for coupons. You have to just enter the expiry date in this portion. doc

Usage Restriction: Usage Restriction provides the following features.

  • Enter the minimum amount in Minimum spend. The coupons will not be applicable if customers cross the minimum amount.
  • Enter the maximum amount in Maximum spend. The coupons will not be applicable if customers cross the maximum amount.
  • You may need to create coupons that cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Enabling ‘Individual use only’ check box you can access this feature. doc
  • Check the Exclude sale items box if the coupon should not be applied to items on sale. You can exclude particular products and categories that are not allowed for the coupons. doc

Usage limits: Usage limits provide the following features.

  • You are allowed to fix the limit for using every coupon by entering the limit in Usage limit per coupon.
  • Select the limit usage for X items
  • You can select the number of users for every coupon by accessing Usage limit per user. doc

Floating Cart

Floating Cart means a0 Sticky Add to Cart Bar for WooCommerce that will stick to the user ‘s screen and display additional information such as product thumbnail, title and image, product count etc. so that customers can easily place an order. You will find this module after installing and activating wcEazy in your WooCommerce website.

This module also provides a very user-friendly accessing process. Let's go through the module in detail.

  • First of all install and activate wcEazy. Then to activate the module and access its settings turn OFF the enabling option of Floating Cart.
  • Click on Settings to access all its features. doc

In the first page of Settings you will find General which will represent Cart Settings.

  • In Cart Settings there is a switch for enabling Auto open cart. You can turn it ON if you want to provide an auto open Floating Cart.
  • Select the ascending or descending order from Cart Item Order.
  • When you select the number of products or total number of items for Basket count, the floating cart will display the required number of products or items on that sticky car bar.
  • You can insert the URL for the empty cart button.
  • Select Don’t Show Pages allows you to select some pages that you are not willing to display the Floating Cart. doc

Now going for Cart Header which will provide all Header Settings.

  • Turn It ON if you want to show Notification in the Cart Header section.
  • Basket Icon can be shown in the Cart Header by turning ON its enabling switch.
  • You are allowed to show a close icon in the header portion.
  • You can fix the Notification duration in milliseconds. doc

Cart Body contains all Cart Body Settings.

  • Show Product Image allows you to display every product image In the cart body.
  • You can enable the switch for showing product name along with the product image in the Cart Body .
  • Product unit price can be shown with every product when you enable this feature.
  • Turn ON the switch for Show Product Price Total and that will display the total product price in Cart Body.
  • If you want to create a link for every product then enable this switch of Link to Single Product.
  • You can delete any item or product from your purchasing products list in Cart. For doing that you need to enable the switch of Delete Items from Cart.
  • When adding a new product in the cart list then it may need to update the quantity of items. TO update quantity turn ON the switch of Allowed Quantity Update. doc

Let’s move on to the Cart Footer. In the Cart Footer portion you will find the following functions that need to be activated.

  • If you want to display the total amount as subtotal in Floating Carts’ footer section then turn ON the switch of Show Subtotal.
  • You are also allowed to show a discount in the cart by turning ON the Show Discount button.
  • To display shipping amount enable the switch for Show Shipping Amount.
  • Enable the switch of Show Cart Total to show the cart total in the floating cart.
  • To apply an available coupon you can provide the apply coupon option for your customer by turning ON the switch of Show Apply Coupon. doc

Typography Settings provide you proper flexibility to edit Heading Title, buttons’ text etc. Here is presenting the details.

  • Heading Title allows you to fix your required heading title for Floating Cart.
  • When the floating cart contains a Continue Shopping Button, you may feel the need to change the buttons’ text by accessing this feature.
  • Change View Cart Button text.
  • Change the Checkout Button text if you want.
  • If the cart is empty, leave a message for your customer like ‘No item in the cart’. Fix this message from the Empty Cart Message option. doc
  • Set Back to Shop Button text.
  • Set the Subtotal text such as it can be Subtotal or Total Amount.
  • Set your Free Shipping Message. doc

To redirect URLs for each button go for the features.

  • Redirect the URL of Continue Shopping Button Url.
  • Select a redirection page for View Cart Button Url.
  • Redirect page for View Checkout Button Url. doc

You have overall freedom to customize the Floating Cart’s style and color of every portion. In General Style you will find the following customizing functions.

  • Change Cart Width to make a balance with your WooCommerce site.
  • Select the location of the cart from Cart Open From. This function provides 3 locations; left, right, top from where the cart will open.
  • From Button Font Size choose your all button font size in px.
  • Font Color of every button can be customizable with Button Font Color .
  • Pick your desired button background color from Button Background .
  • Select suitable color for Button Hover Font Color. doc
  • Select a perfect color for the Button Hover Background
  • Button Border Color is also properly customizable from here.
  • Button Border Hover Color allows you to choose the color of button border hover.
  • Fix the button's border radius in px with Button Border Radius doc

Now talking about the Heading Style.

  • If you want to resize the Close Icon in Heading Section then fix the size in Close Icon Size as you need.
  • Basket Icon contains in the Header portion and you also can select a particular size for the Basket Icon.
  • You may feel the need to fix the Header Font size to create a proper Floating Cart. For that go to the Heading Font Size and fix the size in px.
  • The font color of the Heading portion is absolutely customizable with Heading Font Color.
  • Pick your desired color for heading background from Heading Background Color. doc

To change all the content styles go to the Content Style where you will find all relatable features regarding styles of content.

  • There are some different Delete icons. You choose any of them and locate it in the cart section where the product deleting option is available. But with the free version you have access to only one icon.
  • When you activate Delete Item from Cart, every item contains a delete icon. You can fix the Delete Icon size in px.
  • Select font size that is suitable for Floating cart inserting the font size in Content Font Size(px).
  • Choose the font color from Content Font Color.
  • You are also allowed to pick any color for the content background from Content Background Color. doc

Now moving on to the Cart Content Product Style.

  • Product Image Width allows to set product image width in percent(%) (Ex. 20)
  • Accessing Product Image Padding set product image padding in px. (Ex. 20px(top) 15px(right) 20px(bottom) 15px(left) )
  • Product title color is modifiable according to your need. Pick the from Product Title Color.
  • Product title hover color can also be chosen from Product Title Hover Color to make a balance with product title color.
  • Set product title font size in px from Product Title Font Size. doc

Its turn of Product Quantity Input Style. Let's have a look at the detailed procedure.

  • With Input Box Width set input box width in px (Ex. 40)
  • Go to the Input Box Border Radius and fix your input box border radius in px.
  • Select a particular color for the Input Box Border color from Input Box Border Color.
  • To provide a suitable input box background color go to the Input Box Background Color and pick the suitable color.
  • Modify Input box text color from Input Box Text Color. doc

Customize the Footer area of the Floating Cart.

  • Go to the Position Fixed and fix the position of the footer.
  • Allows to set footer’s padding in px . doc

You have full freedom to choose and modify your required basket style.

  • You can display the basket from Enable Basket in the floating cart for three conditions: always show, always hide and hide when the cart is empty.
  • With Shape of Basket you can pick a round or square shape for the basket icon.
  • Set the Basket Icon size in px.
  • If you want to show basket count, enable the switch of Show count.
  • Select suitable Basket Icon from different icons for your WooCommerce store.
  • You can fix the basket position according to your need. For this go to the Basket Position and pick one among three options; Top left, Top right and Bottom Left.
  • Basket Offset(vertical) allows you to set the basket vertical offset in px. doc
  • Go to Basket Offset(horizontal) and set your basket horizontal offset in px.
  • Pick your Basket Count position among top left, top right and bottom left from Basket Count Position.
  • Select the suitable color for Basket Icon from Basket Icon Color .
  • Pick the Basket Background color of your choice.
  • Basket Count color can also be customizable for your convenience.Go for Basket Count Color and pick a suitable color.
  • Pick Basket Count Background Color that matches with the Basket Count color. doc

One Click Checkout

One Click Checkout provides a single page obtaining all cart, checkout and payment related details. This effective feature consumes less time of customers and makes a product purchasing and process more easy and effective.

To activate this module install and activate wcEazy. For enjoying all its features go to the wcEazy >> One Click Checkout >> Settings.


First of all go to the General Settings. You will find the following features.

  • If you want to disable the cart page click switch to turn ON Disable Cart Page so that the cart page will be redirected to the checkout page
  • Turn On Enable Single Page Checkout so that the checkout page and cart page show in a single page.
  • Turn On the switch of Enable Redirect on Add to Cart so that after clicking add to cart button customer will be directly redirect to Checkout page.
  • WooCommerce shows a continue shopping button after a product is added to cart, by turning ON the Disable Continue Shopping Button you can disable that link so users remain on the checkout page. doc

Add to Cart Button Settings

  • Turn on the required switch to enable Ajax Add to Cart on Single Product.
  • Turn on the switch for Change Add to Cart Button Text to change the button text of add to cart button. This feature will Add to cart button text, select options button text, Read more button text. doc

Navigate to Buy Now Button and it will show all Buy Now button related settings and design.

Buy Now button on Product Page:

  • Buy Now Button on Product Page, turn on this switch if you want the buy now button on the product page.
  • Enabling the switch of Buy Now Button Label on Product Page set buy now button label .
  • Redirect a page to that button using the field of Redirect to Page
  • Set the position of the button from Position Of the Button
  • From Buy Now Button Width set Buy now button width on product page (PX).
  • Set buy now button margin top (PX) using the field for Buy Now Button Margin Top.
  • Set   Buy now button margin bottom in PX with Buy Now Button Margin Bottom.
  • Using  Buy Now Button Margin Left, fix Buy now button margin left (PX).
  • Set Buy now button margin right (PX) in Buy Now Button Margin Right. doc

Buy Now Button on Product Archive Page

  • Enable the feature of Buy Now Button if you want the buy now button on the product archive page.
  • In the field of Buy Now Button Label insert Buy now button label.
  • Redirect to Page provides selection of a page that you want to redirect after clicking on this button.
  • Fix the position of the button on the product archive page in the field of Position of the Button
  • With  Buy Now Button Width, set Buy now button width on product archive page (PX). doc
  • *
  • Buy Now Button Margin Top allows to set Buy now button margin top (PX)
  • Buy Now Button Margin Bottom allows you to fix the Buy now button margin bottom (PX).
  • Set Buy now button margin left (PX) in Buy Now Button Margin Left.
  • Set Buy now button margin for right portion in (PX) using the feature of Buy Now Button Margin Right. doc

Buy Now Button Design

  • Go to the Buy Now Button’s Font Color and You can pick any if your desired font color for the Buy Now button.
  • To customize the button's background color go for Buy Now Button’s Background Color
  • Select the suitable Color for the button's hover font from Buy Now Button’s Hover Font Color
  • Pick any color for the button hover background from Buy Now Button’s Hover Background Color.
  • Fix Buy now button’s padding top & bottom (PX) in the field of Buy Now Button’s Padding Top-Bottom.
  • Go to the Buy Now Button’s Padding Left-Right and set Buy now button padding left & right in (PX)
  • Set Buy now button border radius (PX) according to your need. To fix the radius go to the Buy Now Button’s Border Radius and enter your required radius. doc

Lastly there is click on Checkout to go for Checkout Settings.

  • Enable the switch of Remove the Order Comment  if you want to remove ‘Order Comment’.
  • With this feature of Remove Coupon Form  you can remove coupon form from one page checkout.
  • You are also allowed to remove the policy text portion from the checkout page accessing the feature Remove Policy Text
  • Terms & Conditions can also be removed from the one page checkout switching ON the button of Remove Terms & Condition .
  • Want to remove some billing fields? Remove Billing Fields  will provide you the chance to pick some fields that you want to remove from the page.
  • Select the fields from Remove Shipping Fields  that you want to remove from ‘Shipping Section’. doc

PDF Invoice and Packing Slips

Customize PDF Invoice and Packing Slips with wcEazy that allows you to create a suitable invoice and packing slips according to your demand. Let’s gather some information about accessing this feature.

When you are eagerly waiting to access the feature, first of all you need to install the plugin. After completing installation and activation process go to wcEazy >> PDF Invoice and Packing Slips >> Settings.


In Settings, a PDF Document will appear. The functions of this feature is

  • Deactivate Invoice if you want.
  • Deactivate Shipping Label to disable the Shipping Label. Turn ON where the shipping label is needed instead of packing slip.

After the PDF  Document there is General Settings. Shop Info is editable in this section.

  • Provide your store’s name in the field of Shop Name.
  • Upload your Shop Logo  maintaining recommended image size.
  • Enter your store’s tax ID in Shop Tax ID.
  • Enter store’s footer info

Provide shop address and sender details in this portion. Fill the automating created form by writing the sender name in Sender. Address in  Address LIne 1 and Address Line 2 and all other information like City, Postal Code, Country, Contact Number


In Other Settings, you are allowed to decide how you want to view the PDF and Show Tax.

  • Go to How do you want to view the PDF and select Open the PDF in a New Window or Direct Download
  • Show Tax allows you to select Include Tax  or Exclude Tax .

Let’s move on to Invoice Settings.

  • Here is the option of Disabling Invoice  for some status; Pending Payment, Processing and ON Hold.
  • Check the required boxes where you want to attach the invoice.

You can set your Invoice number settings.

  • Select Invoice Number Format .
  • You can set the order number as invoice number. For that turn ON the switch for Order Number as Invoice Number
  • If you want to create a specific starting number for invoice then go to the field of  Invoice Start Number.
  • Select your required Suffix  and Prefix

You have full freedom to customize the invoice. Turn ON the switches for your needed info. You can create an invoice layout with important info.


Customize Shipping Labels. All necessary fields have already been created. You need to just turn on the switches that are needed for your store’s shipping label.  


Product Sticky Bar

Product sticky bars will always stick around the product description page. To provide this sticky bar you need to go wcEazy >> Product Sticky Bar. After enabling Product Sticky Bar go for Settings  to access all its features.


Product Sticky Bar’s first page will reload Bar Settings.

  • To enable the product sticky bar, turn ON the switch of Enable Sticky Bar.
  • If you want to show a sticky bar on the desktop, turn ON the switch of Show on Desktop.
  • If you want to show a sticky bar on the mobile, turn ON the switch of Show on Mobile.
  • Select the position for the sticky bar. Go to the Sticky Bar Position and select Top or Bottom.
  • If you want to show a sticky bar when the user scrolls down in the product page, switch ON Show Only After Scroll.
  • Set Scroll Pixel to show Bar after user scroll given pixels on the product page, Only work when the "Scroll Pixels" option is enabled. Default 180px.
  • Enable the switch for Show Product Review.
  • Switch On Show Product Review Count to show product reviews on sticky bar
  • Select and disable the products and that you do not want to show the sticky bar accessing Disable for
  • Turn ON the switch of Enable Update Product Qty that will display updated product quantity on sticky bar
  • Enable Show Product Image if you want to show product image on sticky bar.
  • Use and enable the feature of Show Stock Quantity on sticky bar
  • Hide Sticky Bar (Product Out of Stock) with this switch you are allowed to show sticky bar when product out of stock

Moving on to Bar style

  • Set sticky bar height from Sticky Bar’s Height in pixel(Ex.150) - Default 100px.
  • Select Product image Shape between round and square.
  • Select Color for product title from Product Title Color
  • Allows you to pick any color for Product Rating from Product Rating Color
  • Product Rating Count Color allows you to pick any color for Product Rating Count.
  • You can select Product price color as you want.
  • Set sticky bar product price font size(Ex. 16) in Button Font Size.
  • Select Color for button background from Button Background Color
  • Button Font Color allows you to select button font Color.
  • From Button Font Size, set sticky bar add to cart button font size.
  • Select Color for button border from Button Border Color
  • Go to Button Border Width and set sticky bar add to cart button border width.
  • Button Background Hover Color provides the color for button background hover.
  • From Button Border Hover Color, select button border hover Color.
  • Select button hover font Color from Button Hover Font Color
  • Set sticky bar add to cart button left-right padding accessing Button Padding Left-Right
  • Set sticky bar add to cart button top-bottom padding accessing Button Padding Top-Bottom

URL Coupon

Add a URL to any coupon and you can apply a coupon code automatically just by clicking a link. To generate URL coupons first of all install and activate wcEazy. After completing this activation process go for wcEazy >> Enable URLCoupon. Then you can go for Settings  to access the URL coupon.

  • Go to Per Page View  and select the amount of coupons that you want to show on each page.
  • Choose your required coupon type for the URL coupon from Show Coupon Type
  • To search any coupon here is a search bar . So enter the coupon code that you want to search in the  search bar
  • You can see the Paging and you can move to another page by clicking on the page number or Previous/Next.
  • Go to Action  for editing any coupon.

When you click on Action to edit any coupon then it will redirect to a page where all coupon data will remain and you can change any data.



How to install wcEazy for WooCommerce website ( free version)?

Installation of wcEazy in your WordPress website’s dashboard is the easiest way. You can easily install wcEazy in your WordPress website’s  Dashboard . Follow the given steps to add wcEazy in your site.

  • First of all log in to your site’s Dashboard.
  • In the left panel click on Plugins tab then click Add New.
  • In the search bar, search for wcEazy. The plugin will appear at the top of the list.
  • Install the wcEazy by clicking on Install Now.
  • After completing installation, Activate  wcEazy.

Adding wcEazy is done. Now in the left panel of your Dashboard you can see the tab of wcEazy.

How to unlock the locked features?

To unlock the locked features you need to install the paid version of wcEazy. Install the paid wcEazy and enjoy all of its amazing features.

Do I need to acquire any coding knowledge to use wcEazy?

No, you don’t have to gather any coding knowledge. Just install the plugin, it is very much user friendly and provides proper direction to access all its features.

Does the plugin provide necessary information to help?

Yes, the plugin provides documentation. You can go through the documentation if you need any help or instruction to use this plugin. All module and feature related details are given in the documentation.

Why should I grab the paid version of wcEazy?

When you are using the free version, you can feel the necessity of having such an efficient plugin like wcEazy in your WooCommerce site. And you will be more interested to explore all locked features as all modules and features are very much supportive for a WooCommerce site.

Supercharge your WooCommerce store today