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How to Create a One Click Checkout for WooCommerce Website

Make a special page using One Click Checkout for WooCommerce website where customers can select products, checkout, and pay all on the same page.

The maximum number of people who leave their cart is because the checkout process is too extensive. With wcEazy, you can reduce cart abandonment by putting the entire purchase process on a single page.

Are you impressed by the concept of one-click checkout WooCommerce?

wcEazy contains One Click Checkout which is a WooCommerce module that intends to make the checkout process as simple as possible by presenting all cart and checkout-related information on a single page. Depending on your needs, you can condense this four-page order placement process into one or two pages.

Let’s take a glance at One Click Checkout.

What Is One Click Checkout for WooCommerce?

Customers can accomplish a purchase by only one click, enhancing flexibility and reducing friction. It refers to a single page that includes the product image, total cart value, checkout form, and payment links.

It’s designed to help customers purchase items without complicating their decision-making process. Customers want a pleasant shopping experience, and if you fail to offer it, they will leave for another store.

Customers will become more interested to buy products from your WooCommerce store when hassles are removed and replaced with trust and testimonials.

Why Is One Click Checkout for WooCommerce So Effective?

wcEazy provides the One-Click Checkout module to serve you, letting your customers enjoy a properly balanced one-page checkout process. By making it more user-friendly and beneficial, the module can earn a lot of preference and attention. It’s an easy and helpful way to purchase products.

So, are you interested to know more of its beneficial facts?

Let’s discuss some points. 

All Info in One Page

When products are ready to be purchased, the add to cart button will redirect the customer to checkout and cart page within one page. So a customer doesn’t have to go through a long buying process, he can be served all purchasing related info in one page. 

Purchase Made on the Spot

If the checkout or payment procedure is time-consuming or critical, most buyers will quit their purchase. However, with simple payment options, consumer’s buying rates will increase, resulting in increased sales.


One-click checkout gives you full freedom over your system’s integration and modification. In addition to one-click checkout, mobile payments are accepted. You can track payment data and handle all of your transactions .

Payments are simple

From the customer’s perspective, a quick and ongoing checkout capability is essential. These functions are available through a checkout provider, ensuring online shopping is as simple as feasible.


Checkout systems  ensure secure transactions, ensuring that no one may commit fraud. During tagging, all sensitive data is replaced through one identification symbol that retains all of the essential information without affecting its security.

Customer Trust & Clarity

One of the benefits of using a one-click checkout service is that it creates loyalty and belief. As the wide range of online checkout providers, they can be customized by anyone. It can be simple to upgrade any of the providers to accept one-click checkouts if you’ve a good e-Commerce platform. Customers want you to provide every choice for transaction flexibility within a single platform.

Simple Order Cancellation

It’s a creative method to eliminate the risk of unintended transactions. Rather than quickly making payment after a customer clicks on the buy button, your system will notify them. Before it charges customers’ cards, he must wait a few minutes to cancel the transaction and it will help to avoid having his card charged.

If you are convinced about the convenience of wcEazy’s One Click Checkout for WooCommerce, then you are now looking for the access procedure for this module. Now it’s time to make you clear about how you can create a One Click Checkout for WooCommerce website. 

How to create your own One Click Checkout for WooCommerce?

When you have a WooCommerce store and you are looking for some unique features and functions to enrich your WooCommerce site, you are choosing the right plugin for your site. wcEazy will provide a lot of  modules and features, along with One Click Checkout. Follow the given steps to create One Click Checkout for WooCommerce website.

Step #1
To enjoy One Click Checkout for WooCommerce and its amazing features first of all install and activate wcEazy in your WooCommerce website.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 1

Step #2 

Click on wcEazy and you will find all modules here. You can enable One Click Checkout for WooCommerce from this page and also can go for more features in Settings.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 2

When you click on Settings, you will find all One Click Checkout for WooCommerce related features and its accessing options.

Step #3

When you enter the Settings option, here you will see General Settings

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 3

From General Settings, you can disable cart pages, enable single page checkout, redirect any page like Checkout page, Home page etc.  and redirect to a custom URL. You can also disable the Continue Shopping button if you don’t need it.

Step #4 

wcEazy’s One Click Checkout for WooCommerce module also provides an advanced feature Ajax add to cart that allows your customers to include single products in the cart without loading the entire page.

wcFusion One Click Checkout ajax add to cart 4

To enable Ajax add to cart on a single product go to the Add To Cart portion and turn On the required switch.

Step #5

You are allowed to modify Add to Cart buttons text.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 4

In this section you can change the Select Options button text that will be shown on the archive page for the variable product. It also  provides Read More Button text modification.

Step #6

You can add a Buy Now button on the product page to redirect to your selected page.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 5

You can change the Buy Now button label, its position and size etc. according to your need.

You can also add the Buy Now button on the product archive page. It also allows you to select the redirecting page, its position and size.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 6

Fix Buy now button margin top, bottom, left and right by entering the suitable margin in the required field.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 7

Buy Now button design provides the scope to change the buttons’ font color, background color, hover font color, hover background color, padding, border radius to make a balance with your WooCommerce site and make it more relatable.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 8

Step #7 

To organize the checkout portion in frontend you are granted to change some important settings from Checkout. You can turn ON the required switches for removing order comment, coupon form, policy text, terms and condition. 

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 9

You also can select necessary fields like billing first name, billing address, shipping last name etc. from the Billing and Shipping section that will not be displayed in the frontend on these related portions. 

Don’t forget to click on the Save Settings button after making any changes, else the changes will not be applicable. Here you will find all directions of accessing this module and also documentation will provide all necessary information that will make the plugin more user friendly. 

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 10

After making changes and adding One Click Checkout In your WooCommerce site, the frontend section will look like the given picture.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce -image 11
Frontend for one click checkout

Here One page shows the cart and checkout page details in one page and make the purchasing procedure more easy.

So, enabling One Click Checkout for WooCommerce you can provide a simple and feasible one page purchasing procedure. It will grab more customer attention to boost your business and make your WooCommerce website up to date. 


Using a One Click Checkout for WooCommerce to your online store may help you expand your business by also making it easier for customers to purchase from you.Customers save time with One Click Checkout because they can complete checkout on the same page instead of having to wait for a separate page to load.It not only benefits customers, but it also encourages potential customers to shop at your ecommerce website.

One Click Checkout for WooCommerce is one of the modules that wcEazy allows you to use for your store, and it has a strong impact on customers. To boost your site, get the One Click Checkout for WooCommerce Website installed with wcEazy.

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