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How to Offer WooCommerce Bulk Discount

Bulk discount is an all-in-one business strategy to attract customers that allows you to run multiple discount offers at one time. Adding a WooCommerce bulk discount to your products allows you to provide tremendous rewards for your consumers to purchase more.

Because they appeal to your desire to receive something for less, bulk discounts are undoubtedly one of the oldest sales strategies that can boost your business. Customers can receive any product as a gift depending on products in their carts, containing certain products using a bulk discounts plugin like wcEazy.

Bulk discounts are one of the most powerful ways to boost your WooCommerce store’s revenues and profits. It will let you adjust the price of a WooCommerce product based on its quantity.

Eagerly waiting to know more about wcEazy’s WooCommerce bulk discount!

Now we will talk about the details and how to create a WooCommerce bulk discount or quantity discount using wcEazy in your store in the fastest and most convenient way.

WooCommerce bulk discount and its features

WooCommerce bulk discount is a strategy of giving clients discounts based on how much they buy. To put it another way, it’s a WooCommerce quantity-based pricing system. That means it encourages customers to buy more products with less payment.

Using an effective plugin like wcEazy in WooCommerce, allows the business owner to quickly manage and maintain coupon data, as well as allow consumers to effortlessly apply bulk discounts.

That means using the WooCommerce bulk discount feature you can offer your customers discount on total purchasing product or its quantity

Have a look at some examples to make a clear vision. 

Purchase three things and receive a $10 discount.

If you buy two or more goods, you will receive a 10% discount.

You can also construct multi-tiered bulk discounts.

Get a 10% discount when you buy 1 to 5 products.

Get a 20% discount if you buy 6 to 10 products.

Get a 30% discount if you buy 11 to 15 products.

Get one product if you buy 1 or 2 products. 

This form of WooCommerce bulk discount is so appealing that it will encourage visitors  to your site to make a purchase.

Let’s introduce  you with wcEazy and its module BOGO deal that offers bulk discounts.

If you are searching for a feasible plugin for your WooCommerce site that will help you to create bulk discount offers then wcEazy will be the right choice for you. wcEazy cherishes a lot of modules along with the BOGO deal. With this BOGO deal you can create discount offers on particular products or quantities of products. wcEazy’s WooCommerce bulk discount can help you increase your earnings and large profit.

When you are using BOGO Deals in wcEazy, it will help you to make rules as you like and run multiple discount offers. It provides quantity-based discounts for certain products. This module also allows you to provide flat discounts on specific products as there are two types of discounts supported: fixed and percentage discounts. 

How to provide WooCommerce bulk discount using wcEazy

If you are aware about the growth of your business, it will be the best way to boost your online business by providing bulk discounts. For that you must choose the best plugin that will support your WooCommerce store in every manner and provide you a huge number of features. And wcEazy is one of the most efficient plugins that is enriched with a lot of features and functionalities including WooCommerce bulk discount.

Let’s have a look at the accessing process of WooCommerce bulk discount from BOGO Deal. 

Step #1

When you are convinced of the benefits of wcEazy and decide to use it. First of all you have to add the plugin in your dashboard. For this go for plugin’s Add New option and complete the plugins Installation and activation process.

WooCommcer bulk discount-Bogo deal - 1

Step #2

Then click on wcEazy and all modules will appear in the backend portion where you can find the BOGO Deal. 

WooCommcer bulk discount Bogo deal - 2

To access the BOGO deal and create bulk discounts go for the Settings.

Step #3

Here in BOGO deal you can add a rule and select the discount type. You can go for a percentage discount or fixed discount as you need. You also can fix the discount amount here.

WooCommcer bulk discount Bogo deal - 3

It will also allow you to add rules and delete rules. Don’t forget to save the changes every time after making any particular changes. 

Step #4

Here below you will find Products to Buy and Products to Gift options. So you can select the products to buy and the products to gift from here. 

WooCommcer bulk discount Bogo deal - 4

You also have to enter the required product quantity to buy and gift. You can add as many products as you want. 

WooCommcer bulk discount Bogo deal - 5

Don’t forget to save the changes after making any change or creating any rule. To add new rule click on Add Rule button 

Why is the BOGO Deal strategy important in WooCommerce?

Customers and business owners both will get profit from bulk buying circumstances because they will encourage customers to buy in large quantities.

This strategy appeals to customer’s natural desire to get the most profit possible. Consider one of the preceding scenarios: if you have 4 products in your cart and know that purchasing one more product will result in a discount, it’s difficult to say no.

  • An effective stock-clearance approach.
  • Prospects for new sales.
  • Brings in new subscribers to your mailing list.
  • Bulk rules are simple to develop and customize.

The best WooCommerce bulk discount plugin

There are a number of bulk discount plugins on the market that can assist you in providing discounts for your WooCommerce store. In this case wcEazy will be the best one according to the plugin’s performance, workflow, various uses, and flexibility.

wcEazy’s enhancing module BOGO Deal will let you make bulk discount offers to engage your customers in a large proportion. Always remember that the best plugin with enormous features  will benefit both your store and your customers.

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