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How to Add WooCommerce Coupon Generator

Are you looking for ways to increase sales and traffic in your store?Use coupon generator!

Coupons are powerful marketing tools that encourage customers to purchase more and more products. Mainly coupons are a unique and attractive way to provide discounts for customers on some products. Several businesses, like the WooCommerce website, use coupons as one of their primary promotional campaign strategies to give discounts, freebies, gift cards, and other things. 

Using a WordPress WooCommerce plugin, makes it simple to create and manage coupons. Additionally, it requires no technological or coding knowledge to access . In that case wcEazy will be the most proficient plugin to generate coupons for your WoCommerce website. As a store owner you can provide bulk coupons with all demanding functionalities using the plugin. 

wcEazy in an all-in-one plugin with the module of Coupon Generator. You can access all features regarding coupon generating in this plugin. 

Why are coupons beneficial for business purposes?

Coupons grab the attention and interest of customers to buy products and visit the shop continuously by offering discount prices on products. 

In addition to improving sales volume and enriching your business, coupon generator also helps to develop a sense of brand loyalty among the customers.

Here are some of the main reasons why you should use coupons in your WooCommerce store.

  • Helps to increase web traffic.
  • They create a sense of urgency, which typically leads to faster customer decisions to purchase products.
  • By lowering the price, you might increase demand for the outdated inventory.
  • Encourage consumer loyalty by providing tempting incentives and savings.
  • bring in a brand-new audience.
  • Customers are encouraged to make larger purchases via coupon promotions like “minimum order discounts.”
  • Expand your sales to new channels like social media.

Why wcEazy in effective to coupon generator?

Giving users coupons results in a win-win situation.

To give customers a competitive price, coupons typically offer discounts on the product markup rather than the cost price. This alone helps to provide a positive profit margin. Such marketing initiatives also boost store revenue by boosting sales.

Coupon generator ultimately benefit to grow your business by gathering a huge number of customers. When a customer is getting discounts on purchasing products using a coupon, he will be interested to buy products again and again as he would love to get a discount using coupons. 

Now it largely provides benefits for you. As a WordPress site user, you can access the plugin without facing any kind of difficulties. You can access its huge amount of features and functionalities without gathering any coding knowledge. As it provides a very easy customizing process for your convenience. 

When you are activating the wcEazy plugin, you will get numerous modules and Coupon generator is one of them. Enabling the module you can easily access anctivte all of its features and generate coupons for your customers.  You can generate bulk coupons, URL coupons, Auto apply coupons using this plugin. 

Now moving on to adding the procedure of this amazing plugin in your WooCOmmerce WordPress store. 

How to generate WooCommerce Bulk Coupon with wcEazy

Bulk Coupons allow you to produce a large number of different coupons that may be distributed to your potential clients individually. The process for making Bulk Coupons is similar to the process for creating coupons. 

Providing WooCommerce Bulk Coupon generating process using the wcEazy plugin.

Step #1

When you extremely feel the need of using an efficient plugin  for generating bulk coupons then wcEazy is the most easy solution for you. To access wcEazys’ incredible modules along with the Coupon Generator module first of all you have to Install and activate the plugin from the admin panel. 

Coupon generator - 1

Step #2

Here will appear wcEazy and go for its all modules where you can find Coupon Generator. You can enable it from here and also can access all its features including creating bulk coupons from the Settings

Coupon Generator -2

Step #3

In the section of Coupon Generator you will find the customizing options for multiple coupon. As you can see in the following picture, coupon prefix, number of coupons, coupon type, coupon character length can be modifiable according to your need.

Coupon Generator -3

Step #4

Below in the same page, you will find General settings. Here you can select the discount type for coupons, coupon amount, coupon expiry date. You can also check the free shipping facility if needed. 

Coupon Generator - 4

Step #5

You can modify the minimum spend and maximum spend.  The box ‘Individual use only’ can be checked  if the coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. You can also exclude sale items from this portion.

Coupon Generator - 5

Step #6

You have overall control in creating coupons. You can fix the usage limit per coupon and usage limit per user as well.

Coupon Generator - 6

After setting all the changes and required information click on the Generate coupon button for generating coupons for your WooCommerce store. 

The overall coupon generating procedure is easy enough to access. You will find all the instructions here and also Documentation is created to provide you all necessary information. 

What Can the Coupons Generator Module Do for You?

Along with creating bulk coupons, the plugin’s effective features can be used to create clever promotion programs. You can implement store credits and accept gift cards in your company. Giveaways are a well-liked and effective technique to draw visitors into your store. Product offers can be made with WooCommerce bulk coupons.

It’s simple to plan and create seasonal coupons, such as those for Black Friday specials, Christmas sales, and end-of-season deals using the WordPress plugin  wcEazy .

So, now you have a clear vision on implementing and generating coupons for your online store using such an extra-ordinary plugin. 

Final Words

With the help of our wcEazy plugin, you can use coupons in wonderfully inventive ways to make sure that your campaigns are successful.

In conclusion, the WooCommerce Coupon Generator is a fantastic tool for growing your store’s revenue and expanding your company.

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