Unleash Faster Purchases with One Click Checkout Module

Forget about the endless queues, the mind-numbing forms, and the frustrating checkout process that has plagued the online shopping world for far too long. We’re here to unleash the power of one-click wonder, where purchasing is as easy as a snap of your fingers and as fast as lightning!

Today, we’re unveiling a secret weapon called one-click checkout which is a module of the wcEazy WooCommerce plugin. So stay with us and know the full process of enabling one click checkout option on your site.

Benefits of Enabling One Click Checkout Module on WooCommerce

We’re entering into the world of WooCommerce customization and exploring the extraordinary benefits that one-click checkout brings to the table.

✴️ Lightning-Fast Purchases

Time is of the essence in the fast-paced digital landscape. With one-click checkout, customers can bid farewell to the cumbersome process of filling out lengthy forms and entering repetitive information. 

With a single click, their purchase is confirmed, catapulting them into the realm of instantaneous gratification. This swift and seamless experience leads to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

🛒 Reduced Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment has long been the bane of online retailers. Customers often abandon their carts due to a complicated and time-consuming checkout process. However, with one-click checkout, you can bid farewell to those abandoned carts and lost sales. 

By eliminating the hurdles of multiple steps and form-filling, you provide customers with an effortless and frictionless path to purchase. This significantly reduces the likelihood of cart abandonment, ensuring a higher completion rate for transactions.

✅ Enhanced User Experience

User experience is a paramount concern for any online business. By integrating one-click checkout, you create an unparalleled user experience that caters to the modern shopper’s demand for convenience and efficiency. 

Customers appreciate a streamlined process that respects their time and effort. The simplicity of one-click checkout creates a memorable and delightful shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

📈 Increased Conversion Rates

Conversion rates are the lifeblood of any online business. The easier and more efficient the purchasing process, the higher the chances of converting a visitor into a paying customer. One-click checkout removes the obstacles that can deter potential buyers, such as having to input their payment and shipping details repeatedly. 

By simplifying the checkout process, you empower customers to make quick decisions, resulting in a boost in conversion rates and ultimately, higher revenue.

How to Enable One Click Checkout on Your WooCommerce Site

Customers always want to go through a flawless purchasing experience. Otherwise, they will never re-enter your online store ever. Just think of yourself as an online shopper. You never purchase anything from an unorganized online shop.

That’s why the one click checkout function is essential. It will help the customers to choose and purchase the product fastly from an online store. To enable this powerful feature, install the wcEazy all-in-one solution plugin on your WordPress site. This powerful plugin has 11 unique modules for WooCommerce store customization.

Step 1 –  Install and Activate the wcEazy WooCommerce Plugin

To enable the one click checkout function on your store, you need to install the wcEazy plugin on your website. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Search with the plugin name on the search bar.

wcEazy Installation

Just click on Install Now and activate the plugin. Now you can easily use the plugin on your WordPress website. 

Have you noticed the dark background of our WordPress dashboard panel? We turn this with the best dark mode plugin called Darklup. You can also use this plugin on your WordPress website.

Step 2 – Turn on One Click Checkout Module on Your Site

It’s the easiest way to enable a one click checkout feature on your store. Just Go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy Dashboard.

wcEazy Modules

As you can see, wcEazy has almost all the necessary modules for the WooCommerce website. Navigate to the “One Click Checkout”. Now just click on the enable button and go to the settings menu.

One click checkout module

We have reached the one click checkout dashboard. As you can see there are various options available. 

  • Disable cart page –  Within a single click you can disable the cart page from the product page.
  • Enable single page checkout – Turn on single page checkout for a faster selling process.
  • Enable redirect on Add to Cart – It will automatically redirect the customers to the checkout page from the cart menu.
  • Redirect to a custom url? – You can also set up a custom URL for the redirection process. 

By the way, you can also include an add-to-cart button on the checkout menu. Besides that, you can change the text of the add-to-cart button.

Add to cart menu

Not just the add to cart button, you will be able to add the buy now button and edit the text of the button.

Buy now menu

Final Thoughts

Gone are the days of frustratingly long checkout processes, abandoned carts, and missed opportunities. The one-click checkout module has emerged as the hero we never knew we needed, swooping in with its effortless charm and transforming the way we shop online.

You can enjoy this powerful feature with the help of the wcEazy plugin. We have shown you the easiest ways in our article. Try to implement this and boost the growth of your business.

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