Amplify Your Woocommerce Sales with Product Sticky Bar Module

No more worrying about customers scrolling past your products without noticing them. The Product Sticky Bar Module ensures that your products stay front and center, even when shoppers are engrossed in exploring your website. 

It’s like having a dedicated salesperson guiding customers towards your most enticing offerings, 24/7. To enjoy this powerful module functionality just install a WooCommerce plugin called wcEazy. Say goodbye to average sales and hello to an extraordinary boost in revenue. So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore the blog.

Advantages Of Using Product Sticky Bar on WooCommerce

By the way, a product sticky bar can be a powerful way to inspire customers to buy a product from your online shop. You will get lots of benefits by implementing a product sticky bar on your WooCommerce store.

🧲 Enhanced User Engagement

enhance customer engagement

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By keeping the product information constantly visible, a sticky bar encourages users to engage with the product and take action. Whether it’s adding the item to the cart or exploring more product details, the convenience of having key information readily available increases the likelihood of user engagement. 

Users can quickly assess the product’s features, price, and availability without any disruption to their browsing experience, leading to higher engagement rates.

📱 Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design


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In the era of mobile commerce, having a responsive design is crucial for any e-commerce website. The product sticky bar is designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that it adapts well to different screen sizes and resolutions. 

This means that users browsing your WooCommerce store on smartphones or tablets can still benefit from the persistent visibility and streamlined purchasing process offered by the sticky bar. It enables a consistent user experience across devices, maximizing engagement and conversion opportunities.

📢 Promotional Opportunities

Product Promotion

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A product sticky bar can also be leveraged to promote special offers, discounts, or related products. By utilizing this space strategically, you can display targeted messages or recommendations to entice users into exploring additional products or making higher-value purchases. 

The sticky bar serves as a valuable advertising element within the webpage, allowing you to effectively cross-sell or upsell to customers and drive more sales.

🚀 Boost Conversion Rates

conversion rates

The improved visibility and streamlined purchasing process offered by a sticky bar can significantly impact conversion rates. When users can easily access essential product information and add items to the cart without any friction, they are more likely to proceed with the checkout process and complete their purchase. 

The seamless user experience provided by the sticky bar contributes to higher conversion rates, translating into increased sales and revenue for your WooCommerce store.

How to Enable Product Sticky Bar on Your WooCommerce Website

Making a group of happy customers is not a piece of cake! Because a variety of customers visit your store and purchase their desired products. That doesn’t mean that you have to organize your store unprofessionally.

You should try to include all the necessary functionality on your WooCommerce product page and shop page. So that your customers feel satisfied while purchasing products. A product sticky bar is always efficient to improve the user experience of the product page.

To add the product sticky bar just choose the advanced WooCommerce plugin called wcEazy. It will help you to add a product sticky bar on your product page within a few clicks. You don’t need any advanced programming knowledge to do this.
Also, wcEazy has 11 unique modules for WordPress eCommerce website owners. So let’s see how you can set up these power-efficient plugins on your WooCommerce site.

✴️ Step 1 – Install And Active wcEazy on Your Website

We hope you already know the process of installing the WordPress plugin on your website. However, if you are a beginner just follow our instructions. Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now type the plugin name in the search box. 

wcEazy Installation

As you can see it appears in the search result. Tap on the Install Now button and activate the plugin for your online store.

✴️ Step 2 – Enable Product Sticky Bar For Your Store

Voila! Our wcEazy plugin is ready for action. To enjoy the functionality just go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy Dashboard.

wcEazy Dashboard

These are all the necessary modules of the most functional wcEazy WooCommerce plugin. Now navigate to the “Product Sticky Bar” module. With a single click of your mouse cursor, you can enable the product sticky bar for the product page. 

This is how a product sticky bar will appear on your online shop.

Product Sticky Bar Live
Product Sticky Bar on Mobile

Product Sticky Bar on Smartphone 

Click on the Settings menu of the module.

Prodcut Sticky Bar Admin

There are various options available for the product sticky bar. You can show/hide the sticky bar for specific devices like desktops and mobile. Also, you can change the style of the sticky bar.

Product Sticky Bar Style

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to take your WooCommerce sales to new heights and captivate your customers’ attention, the Product Sticky Bar module is the secret weapon you’ve been searching for! 

Say goodbye to mundane product displays and hello to an interactive and captivating shopping experience through the help of the all-in-one solution wcEazy plugin. We assure you it will significantly boost your conversion rate.

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