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The Most Effective WooCommerce Plugins for BOGO Deals

Are you running a WooCommerce site for your business? 

It is obvious that you want to follow almost all kind of strategy to grow your online business. To grow your business the most important thing is engaging your customers so they become ineterested to buy products more and more from your shop. In this case BOGO Deals plugins can help you to grow your online business largely.

There are some strategies that you need to maintain like you can provide offers and discounts as customers would be more interested if there are appealing offers and discounts.These specials entice customers to visit your online business again and convince them to purchase more goods.

As a result, offer consumers of your online store BOGO deals, which will be a fantastic approach to keep them interested. WooCommerce BOGO sales can be a useful strategy for selling your products. By doing this, you might be able to get rid of extra inventory while developing your brand and attracting new clients.

BOGO deals will be an amazing and workable approach to keep your customers interested. It is also useful for stock clearance. By providing BOGO offers you can be able to get rid of extra inventory while developing your brand and attracting new clients. 

You need to just add a WordPress BOGO coupon plugins to your WooCoomerce site’s backend section that can serve all your requirements regarding BOGO deals. In this article we will be talk about best BOGO deals plugins

Let’s briefly discuss this circumstance.

What Are BOGO Deals and When Should You Use Them?

One of the major challenges you’ll still face as an eCommerce store owner is inventory management. At times, it can be difficult to simultaneously bring in new clients and hold onto the ones you already have. Store owners can effectively increase sales and the number of products in the basket for each order by using a BOGO offer.

Contrary to what the name might imply, BOGO promotions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Deals like “Buy Two Get One Free” or “Buy One Get One 50% Off” could apply. Choosing the best strategy for your shop is entirely up to you.

A BOGO deal is most typically employed when a store owner needs to get rid of out-of-date inventory. Like with any other marketing strategy, this kind of sale is useful when it’s time to get rid of existing products. A BOGO deal could be useful for luring in fresh customers.This may also be the solution you’ve been seeking for if your reports indicate a high rate of cart abandonment. Even with the most expensive promotional resources, developing a loyal customer base is never simple. By employing strategies like the BOGO deal, you can achieve your objectives without investing any additional money on marketing campaigns.

Why BOGO Deal is important ?

BOGO is strongly advised for your business because it produces a scenario where everyone benefits. See the article for more information on BOGO deals.

  1. The advantages of using the BOGO tactic.
  2. BOGO offers are excellent for both the retailer and the consumer.
  3. Customers or buyers can get products for free or at a discounted price by taking advantage of BOGO deals.
  4. WooCommerce BOGO and other promotions bring in new clients.
  5. It aids in gaining new clients.
  6. Encourages consumers to make additional purchases.
  7. Encourage them to make recurrent purchases.
  8. Raises the average transaction size or subtotal of the cart.
  9. When implemented properly, it can lower the rate of shopping cart abandonment.
  10. With this method, you can get rid of your stuff in a great way.

A good marketing strategy is to advertise your WooCommerce company and its products by offering discount coupons. The Buy One Get One (BOGO) offer, usually referred to as a coupon, is one of the most well-known and regularly utilized offers on the market. The discount offer encourages customer loyalty in addition to boosting revenue. Your WordPress WooCommerce stores do not support BOGO. You’ll need a WordPress WooCommerce plugin to give your online store BOGO coupon functionality.

Let’s be introduced with 9 most effective BOGO coupon plugins. 

1. wcEazy

wcEazy an all-in-one plugin that provides a module of BOGO Deal. You can create an attractive BOAn all-in-one plugin called wcEazy offers a BOGO Deal module. Using this plugin, you may make enticing BOGO deals from your backend area.

If you’re seeking for a useful plugin for your WooCommerce website that will allow you to make bulk discount deals, wcEazy will be your best choice. The Bogo deal is only one of the numerous modules that wcEazy values.

With this Bogo offer, you can provide discounts on specific products or amounts of specified products. The bulk discounts provided by wcEazy may enable you to increase revenue and make a sizable profit. When using Bogo Deals in wcEazy, you may set constraints as you see fit and run different discount promotions. It provides quantity-based discounts for a few products.

Let’s talk about the module BOGO Deal of wcEazy plugin.


  1. Allows to create unlimited rules for BOGO deals.
  2. Both percentage discount and fixed discount are provided.
  3. You can insert a amount that you want to provide as discount amount. 
  4. Make a selection of products to buy and a gift of your choice. 
  5. Allows you to select the required quantity for the offered products. 
  6. You also have the flexibility to choose the quantity of the products that you want to give on offered products. 

2. ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts plugin

Your WooCommerce store with the ELEX WooCommerce store with the ELEX WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin work together flawlessly. In its paid edition, this plugin allows users to create attractive BOGO offers. Free products or samples are instantly added to the shopping carts whenever BOGO offers are created

Additionally, BOGO discounts are offered based on the chosen WooCommerce product tags. A user will be gifted with a free product when he selects a product bearing that specific tag of BOGO offer. Similar BOGO promotions are also available for several product categories. 

Users of this plugin can easily implement dynamic pricing and discounts at several levels, including product, combination, category and cart. It’s interesting to note that you may set discounts for products based not only on number but also on weight and price. Moreover, When several rules are combined, it is claimed that this plugin lengthened the time it took for a website to load. 

Key Features:

  1. At the level of the product, cart, category, and combination, create BOGO discounts.
  2. provides extensive BOGO customizing options.
  3. Using the product tags, choose the qualified items.
  4. When BOGO coupons are used, qualified free products are automatically added to carts.
  5. Possibility of developing coupon discounts based on user roles, purchase histories, etc.

3. Discount rules for WooCommerce

The plugin allows you to make any kind of BOGO deals and provides a free version for any user who is interested. You can provide a freebie or a percentage off with this. The plugin primarily allows for the provision of various Buy One Get One deals. Here are some examples

  1. Buy X Get X and Buy X Get Y types, for instance.
  2. Conditional BOGO deals include things like Buy X quantities of product A and get X% off on the least expensive.
  3. Complex bulk discount arrangements like Buy X quantities of Product A (any or category-specific) and receive Y quantities of the cheapest among them free.

You may generate BOGO Deals for the same or different products using the WooCommerce plugin Discount Rules.

In addition to its exceptional capabilities for running BOGO promotions, it aids in the creation of any form of dynamic pricing, bulk discounts, tiered discounts, and other sophisticated discounts. You may also establish discounts based on categories, attributes, customers, user roles in the pro version.

The free edition is also accessible with a variety of basic discount features, so you can test it out and decide whether it’s the best option for you.

Key features:

  1. It applies filters to identify the goods that qualify for the discount.
  2. Free or discounted reward items/giveaways are offered.
  3. options to choose particular giveaway items.
  4. offers X and Y customization options in the Buy X Get Y offerings.
  5. Applying the same coupon more than once during the same purchase is a possibility.

4. YITH WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts

For creating BOGO offers on your WooCommerce site, this plugin is a fantastic choice. The plugin’s simplicity makes it possible for you to easily put up many BOGO discounts. You can schedule the offer for a given time period and only apply the bargains to particular products using the plugin. You may also use this plugin to generate specials that are only available to your members. Additionally, you can give away things dependent on the size of the cart.


  1. Create a variety of discount policies, such as BOGO, and promotional deals.
  2. Discounts can be easily configured to apply to the entire inventory or just certain categories.
  3. Create discounts based on quantity.
  4. Discounts that have definite start and finish dates are scheduled.
  5. Interactively promote gift items to clients via a modal window.

5. Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce

The all-inclusive dynamic discounts plugin Conditional Discounts for WooCommerce includes BOGO features in its premium edition. In addition to BOGO Deals, you can also provide some consumers free gifts (based on their user roles). The plugin’s advanced classification options can be used to do this. Through the use of BOGO coupons, the plugin also aids in boosting consumer loyalty and revenue.

With this plugin, you can also set up wholesales, group discounts, and customer-role-based pricing.

Key BOGO offers:

  1. Configurations of buy one, get one coupons.
  2. Buy two of a particular product and receive a third one free.
  3. Get a free product from a different category when you purchase two items from the same category.
  4. Get a product for free if your cart’s subtotal meets or exceeds a predetermined amount.
  5. Receive a free product of your choice from a particular category when you buy items from another category.

6.  Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

To significantly expand your business, improve the WooCommerce store’s coupon functionality.

With the help of this free plugin, you may customize WooCommerce coupons to meet your specific business needs, including WooCommerce BOGO coupons. This is a really potent plugin that makes it simple to create anything from very general to highly targeted BOGO discounts.

A wide range of customization options are offered by the clever coupons for WooCommerce plugin to set up a Buy X, Get Y deal with a full or partial discount. You can use the plugin to make a BOGO deal for a single product, a group of related products, or the entire product catalog.

Additionally, you can restrict who can utilize the BOGO coupons to particular user roles and users for particular shipping and payment options.


  1. Discounts are available for products, categories, and carts.
  2. Possibility of setting minimum/maximum order amounts, spend, and other qualifying requirements.
  3. Ability to choose from a variety of prize items.
  4. Options for scheduling a BOGO deal.
  5. Complex limits on products and categories, including Those that exclude certain products and categories from BOGO coupons.

7. Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce

Setting up dynamic pricing and discount policies for WooCommerce products is the main goal of the Advanced Dynamic Pricing for WooCommerce plugin. With the assistance of this plugin, you can also build effective BOGO Deals coupons.

This freemium plugin offers a number of BOGO Deals customization options to help you create coupons that satisfy your company’s needs. You may set up the qualifying and giveaway circumstances using the built-in product filters and free product conditions.

Key Features:

  1. Shortcodes for BOGO product displays on different pages.
  2. Automatic coupon application to cart.
  3. The ability to quickly recognize qualifying products based on the given characteristics.
  4. Buy X Get Y offers.
  5. Options for offering goods for free or at a discount.
  6. The ability to let clients select the freebie items from a small list.
  7. Total cart subtotal for a specified number of products (For example, Buy any two at $10).

Final Thought 

WordPress plugins for BOGO Deals are workable to create attractive BOGO Deals to attract your customers. Among all these plugins as a user I will definitely recommend wcEazy for your WooCommerce WordPress site. This plugin can give proper support for BOGO Deals as well as Coupon Generator, Auto Apply Coupon, URL Coupon etc. You can access all kinds of coupon related features using this effective plugin. 

So, don’t be late grab your desired plugin to create exclusive BOGO Deals for your customers. 

Considering the plugin’s functionality, workflow, variety of applications, and adaptability, wcEazy will be the best option in this case. With the boosting module BOGO Deals for wcEazys, you may offer a significant portion of your customers group discounts. Always bear in mind that the ideal plugin contains a ton of features and will benefit both your store and your customers.

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