12 Mistakes Business Owners Make With Coupons 

Coupons are effective marketing techniques that motivate consumers to buy an increasing number of goods. Generally speaking, using coupons is a distinctive and alluring technique to offer customers discounts on a variety of goods. In order to offer discounts, freebies, gift cards, and other things, many businesses, including the WooCommerce website, use coupons as one of their main promotional campaign techniques.

It is easy to create and manage coupons using a WordPress WooCommerce plugin. Furthermore, accessing it doesn’t require any technical or coding expertise. When used properly, coupons can appear like a perfect strategy for expanding your internet business. Discounted deals might have a detrimental effect on your bottom line if you don’t use the proper strategies.

Fortunately, you may easily avoid some of the most typical coupon blunders if you are aware of them. In this manner, you may make the most of this helpful sales tool.

You can alter your discount approach as a store owner to improve client attraction, satisfaction, and retention.

We’ll talk about the issues that business owners make when using coupons in this article.

Why do coupons work well for businesses?

By offering discounted rates on things, coupons attract customers’ interest and encourage them to purchase goods and frequent the store frequently. Coupons not only increase sales and enhance your business, but they also encourage brand recognition among your clients.

The following are some of the key justifications for using coupons in your WooCommerce store.

  • Aids in boosting online traffic.
  • They instill a sense of urgency, which usually prompts customers to make judgments about buying things more quickly.
  • You can see a surge in demand for the out-of-date stock if you cut the price.
  • Encourage customer loyalty by offering alluring discounts and incentives.
  • Attract a fresh audience.
  • Coupon campaigns like “minimum purchase discounts” encourage customers to make larger purchases.
  • Add additional sales channels, such as social media, to your business.

Coupons can be used to promote new product categories and entice consumers to try a more lucrative product or service.

Coupons can also encourage repeat business from current consumers.

The major drawback of employing coupons is that it costs businesses money and could result in decreased sales profits.

Mistakes business Owners Make With Coupons

Let’s talk about the most typical errors new store owners make while using coupons.

1. Always providing discounts based on a percentage

Fixed discounts and percentage-based discounts are two of the most popular types of coupons. There are a few things to consider even though choosing between them can be challenging. Promotions that lower the overall sale price by a specific percentage are known as percentage-based discounts.

Let’s talk about why this coupon plan might not be the best choice for your company before you choose it. For goods or services, fixed discounts work better. The case with percentage-based discounts is the exact reverse. This is based on the mindset of the typical consumer. Your customer wants to think they’re getting the best deal on every purchase. Customers are more likely to value a $30 discount than a 25% discount when purchasing a $150 item

2. Making the offer too unappealing

Nearly every online merchant offers their own deals, discounts, and specials. As a result, for your business to succeed, your special offers need to be unique. Daily discounts, liquidation sales, or customer loyalty programs could be mentioned here.

Ultimately, your discounts have to make your client feel like they are winning big. A customer rewards program is yet another practical option for increasing the appeal of coupons. By giving your current customers rewards and gifts, you may create an exclusive club that people desire to join

3. Using a challenging coupon code

Customers typically apply a promotional code at the checkout. They are far more remembered when they are simple. It is possible to use a randomized code, which is more secure but frequently hard for customers to remember.

Simple codes reduce client effort, boosting the probability that clients will utilize your coupon: You are also free to use your imagination while coming up with promo codes. You can stand out from the crowd with your coupon if you use clever and unique codes. Because it will be so simple for people to remember your amusing discount code, you may draw in more customers.

In the end, an understandable code simplifies this process.

4. Deals are not automatically applied.

When it comes to coupons, a common error made by  store owners is disabling the automatically applying coupon at the checkout. The consumer should be considered when creating your coupons to make the checkout process as straightforward as possible.

Additional benefits of automated deals include the following:

  • Redeeming an offer requires less work from the customer.
  • Fewer customer service queries.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, using our plugin, Advanced Coupons, will streamline this process. When you generate a coupon with our tool, the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.

By doing this, you can please clients by offering a large discount when the items in their cart meet the requirements of your offer.

5. Leaving the shipment threshold unset

To satisfy their customers, several online retailers are beginning to provide free shipping. In fact, companies who offer this advantage are prioritized by 50% of customers. To please your consumers, you might be tempted to offer unlimited free shipping, but doing so could hurt your bottom line. Shipping expenses for smaller orders can be more than your revenue.

Consider implementing a shipment threshold to address this issue. This enables you to provide free shipping, but only with a particular minimum purchase.

A wonderful strategy to please customers and raise average order value is by setting a shipping threshold. Customers are more likely to spend more when they are aware that they can get free delivery.

6. At the checkout, there is no complimentary item.

If you give a customer a surprise present along with their purchase, they’ll frequently value it more. This may be a useful strategy for keeping clients and raising their level of satisfaction with your offerings. Fortunately, you don’t need to distribute pricey goods.

Small gifts like PDFs or cheat sheets that may be downloaded are frequently appreciated by customers. You might provide a conditional free gift coupon in your online store to implement this kind of offering. To be eligible for the offer, a consumer must make a purchase. For instance, you might opt to limit freebies to consumers who spend $50 or more. You can upsell your products by doing this.

Additionally, customers may spend more time on your website and make purchases if you promote your freebies. You can probably lower your return rates and raise consumer satisfaction using this coupon.

7. Not accessing emails through opt-ins

It can be challenging to target the right group of people with your discounts. On your website, you can collect emails to provide high-quality leads. Then, since these visitors are already interested in learning more about your items, you can send them coupons. Making a pop-up email sign-up form can be a useful method for accomplishing this. You can even alter your form so that it shows your available coupons. This can encourage more visitors to sign up for your mailing list.

8. Not making an offer to place a second order

It’s crucial to contact the satisfied consumer you have after they place a purchase. As opposed to looking for new leads, this can be significantly more affordable.

This is due to the fact that while the likelihood of a new consumer making a purchase is 5–20 percent, it is 60–70 percent for established customers. As a result, maintaining your current customer should be a top priority.

Try following up with an offer for a second order if you want to increase customer retention:

Send the consumer an email to accomplish this a fair time following their initial purchase. These customers might be more likely to make another buy because they are still thinking about your product. By providing them with goods that are identical to or complementary to the ones they had purchased, you may even accommodate their preferences. This kind of tailored discount offer works quite well.

9. Lacking a cart abandonment offer

Shopping cart abandonment is a serious problem for online retailers. About 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts before making a purchase. Additionally, customers say that additional fees and charges were the main causes of cart abandonment. Offer discounts to help with this problem. Wholesale purchasers are a sometimes overlooked client segment that you might want to be aware of. They frequently value bulk coupons. An offer for an abandoned cart, however, has the power to influence any kind of customer.

Targeting hesitant clients in this way is effective. Advanced Coupons can assist you with this as well. With our WooCommerce plugin, you can set up specific cart conditions to offer additional discounts at checkout. These may persuade more hesitant clients to make the buy.

10. Offerings that are confusing or complex

A coupon is a type of communication instrument. If the terms of the deal are not made clear, you may run into problems, especially if clients believe they are entitled to larger savings than you had anticipated.

11. No time limit attached

Does the expiration date on your coupon apply? If not, you can end up using more coupons than you wanted to. Prior to publishing an offer on a coupon, give it some serious thought as to how long you want to extend it. In the coupon sector, the typical expiration time is normally between two and three months. One way to do this is to provide discounts with a set expiration date. These can convince buyers who are on the fence to decide quickly. If not, they might decide to wait before acting.

12. Lack of a strategic use

Small business owners make the most common coupon error by failing to use a planned strategy for business coupon promotions and discount campaigns. Like other promotional tactics, coupons work best when they are integrated into a bigger marketing plan.

Generate Multiple Coupons with an effective plugin

As a user, you can integrate a powerful plugin that creates coupons for your WordPress website. The most important thing is to choose the plugin that will meet all of your needs for coupons. I’ll strongly suggest the all-in-one WordPress plugin wcEazy in this instance. Since wcEazy enables you to access URL Coupons, Auto Apply Coupons, and more, you can do more than just create bulk coupons. You may access all of the functionality related to coupons without installing additional plugins. All functions are available in a single plugin.

Let’s explore the features of Coupon Generator from WooCommerce plugin wcEazy.

Coupon Generator: Use wcEazy to generate several, comparable coupons to advertise your WooCommerce website. You are allowed to create similar types of coupons for customers with this plugin.


Prefix: Type the prefix you want to use when creating coupons.

Number of Coupons: You can generate a lot of coupons as you need just by entering the amount of coupons. 

Coupon Type : Enter the type of coupons. Such as the coupon type can be characters, numbers or both characters and numbers. 

Coupon Character length: Select the coupon’s character length upto 20.

Discount type: Choose the discount type for generating coupons. 

Allow Free Shipping: When a free shipping method is enabled in your shipping zone and is set to require “a valid free shipping coupon” then this feature grants free shipping.

Coupon Expiry Date: You can set a validity date for coupons.

Usage Restriction: Usage Restriction provides the following features. 

Minimum spend: Enter the minimum amount. The coupons will not be applicable if customers cross the minimum amount. 

Maximum spend: Enter the maximum amount. The coupons will not be applicable if customers cross the maximum amount. 

Individual use only: You may need to create coupons that cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons. Enabling ‘Individual use only’ check box you can access this feature.  

Exclude sale items: Check this box if the coupon should not be applied to items on sale. You can exclude particular products and categories that are not allowed for the coupons. 

Usage limits: Usage limits provide the following features.

Usage limit per coupon: You are allowed to fix the limit for using every coupon. 

Limit usage to X items: Select the limit usage for X items. 

Usage limit per user: You can select the number of users for using every coupon. 


Coupons for WooCommerce are very much beneficial for your business. It will help you to grow your business by improving your band awareness and engaging more customers.

The more you provide multiple coupons with exclusive features the more your customers will make purchases from your WooCommerce site. 

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