How to enable URL coupons on your woocommerce website

Enhance Your Coupons Generation Process with URL Coupons

Listen up, savvy marketers and coupon aficionados! It’s time to take your coupon generation process to a whole new level of awesomeness. We’re about to introduce you to the dynamic world of URL coupons, the secret sauce that will revolutionize the way you attract and retain customers.

We are going to show you how to generate effective URLs, boost promotional performance like a pro with a multifunctional WooCommerce plugin called wcEazy, and conquer the coupon universe. 

So, gear up, coupon enthusiasts, because it’s time to set your creativity on fire and unlock the true potential of URL coupons. Let’s light up the coupon game like never before!

How to Generate URL Coupons for Your WooCommerce Site

Generating URL coupons is one of the easiest tasks in the world. But you need the right plugin to do that. Don’t take the stress! I am going to introduce you to the best multi-functional WooCommerce plugin named wcEazy.

You might think why you should choose the plugin for your store. Well, wcEazy has 11 different important modules for your online store. So you don’t have to use multiple plugins for your website.

Besides that, we know too many plugins can slow the speed of our website. Also, it increases the risk of security violations on your WordPress website.

By the way, these are some of the essential modules of this plugin.

To generate the URL coupon, you need to install wcEazy on your WordPress. So let’s install this essential plugin.

Step 1 – Install the wcEazy Plugin on Your Site

First, go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. It will take you to the plugin store panel. Now search with the plugin name – wcEazy.

Install the wcEazy Plugin on Your Site

Just install and activate the plugin on your website. Don’t be confused about the dark design of our admin dashboard panel. We have used the best dark mode plugin called DarklupLite for enabling dark mode on the dashboard.

Step 2 – Generate URL Coupons With wcEazy

Well, your plugin is ready to use. Now Go to your WordPress Dashboard > wcEazy Dashboard. As you can see all the modules are available for you. 

 URL Coupons

Now navigate to the right side of the page and enable URL Coupons. After enabling this module, click on the settings menu.


These are all the coupons that you have generated for your website. Now the time has come to make a URL version of these coupon codes. Navigate to the right side of the page. Click on the edit coupon arrow.

wc eazy

It will take you to the coupon editing interface of your WooCommerce store. Now navigate to the Coupon data > wcEazy URL Coupon. To enable the URL coupon check the “Active Coupon URL” option.

Now it will automatically generate a URL coupon for this specific coupon code. Well, your coupon code is ready. You can copy the coupon code and use them for your marketing campaign.

By the way, you can also force apply code. Just check the Force Apply menu. Besides that, you can set a redirect URL. When the customer will use the URL coupon they will automatically redirect to that link.

In fact, in the premium version of wcEazy, you can customize and add your own success message for the coupon. We have come to the end of our journey. We think this is the easiest process for generating URL coupons.

Final Thoughts

No more fumbling with paper, no more tedious code entries, just a magical click, and the savings are yours. Your customers will be dazzled by the seamless redemption process, and you’ll be basking in their unwavering loyalty.

We’ve taken you on a wild ride through an all-in-one solution plugin wcEazy, showing you how to generate URL coupons. But don’t stop there! Must try the other modules such as auto apply coupon, floating cart, and one page checkout. 

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