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How to create BOGO deals to make WooCommerce more delightful?

Online purchasing is a highly common practice in today’s world. Customers would be more interested if there are appealing offers and discounts. These promotions tempt clients to return to your online store time and time again and persuade them to buy more items.

Create BOGO deals for your online shop’s consumers as a result, which will be a great way to keep them interested. WooCommerce BOGO deals can be a helpful tactic for getting rid of your goods. By doing this, you may get rid of superfluous stock while creating your brand and bringing in new customers.

It is now clear that you are eagerly looking for a way to include a plugin that will enable you to provide exciting BOGO deals.

Let’s briefly discuss this circumstance.

What Are BOGO Deals and When Should You Use Them?

Inventory management is still one of the biggest difficulties you’ll have as the owner of an eCommerce shop. It can occasionally be challenging to both draw in new customers and keep the ones you already have. A BOGO offer is a very efficient way for store owners to encourage sales and boost the number of items in the basket per order.

Contrary to what the term might imply, BOGO offers can take a variety of forms. They could be deals like “Buy Two Get One Free” or “Buy One Get One 50% Off.” You are solely responsible for selecting the ideal approach for your shop. Retailers who aren’t experienced with marketing campaigns could view BOGO offers as nothing more than free product giveaways. This is not at all true.

When a store owner has to shift out outdated inventory, a BOGO bargain is most frequently used. This kind of deal is helpful when you need to get rid of existing goods, just like it is with every other marketing tactic.

A BOGO promotion might also be helpful in attracting new clients. If your reports show a high rate of cart abandonment, this might also be the answer you’ve been looking for. Building a devoted consumer base is never easy, not even with the highest advertising resources. You can accomplish your goals without spending additional money on marketing initiatives by using tactics like the BOGO bargain.

Why BOGO Deal is important 

BOGO is highly recommended for your company because it creates a situation where everyone wins. For more details on BOGO deals, see the article.

  • The benefits of employing the BOGO strategy.
  • BOGO deals are very beneficial for both the seller and the customer.
  • BOGO is a great way for customers or buyers to acquire goods for free or at a reduced cost.
  • Promotions like WooCommerce BOGO attract new customers.
  • It helps to acquire new customers.
  • Motivates customers to buy more things. Encourage them to buy things repeatedly.
  • increases the cart subtotal or average transaction size.
  • It can reduce shopping cart abandonment when used effectively.
  • You can get rid of your items in a terrific way with this strategy.

Promoting your WooCommerce business and its products by providing promotional coupons is a successful marketing tactic. One of the most well-known and frequently used promotions on the market is the Buy One Get One (BOGO) deal, also referred to as a coupon. In addition to increasing sales, the discount promotes a culture of customer loyalty.

Your WordPress WooCommerce stores do not support BOGO, according to dsefault.

To add BOGO coupon capabilities to your online retail store, you will need a WordPress WooCommerce plugin.

Create BOGO Deals with the most efficient plugin 

Every WooCommerce owner feel the need of BOGO deals. To create attractive BOGO deals they have to add a workable plugin. And it is the most important thing is choosing the suitable plugin for your WooCommerce website.

Introducing wcEazy an all-in-one plugin that provides a module of BOGO Deal. You can create attractive BOGO offers from your backend portion using this plugin. 

wcEazy will be the best option for you if you’re looking for a handy plugin for your WooCommerce website that will enable you to create bulk discount deals. Along with the BOGO deal, wcEazy values many modules.

You can make discount offers using thisBOGO deal for certain products or product quantities. The bulk discounts offered by wcEazy might help you generate more income and a considerable profit.

You can create restrictions as you see fit and run various discount offers when you useBOGO Deals in wcEazy. For some products, it offers quantity-based discounts. Due of the support for both fixed and percentage discounts, this module also enables you to offer flat discounts on specified products.

How to Offer Compelling Discounts using wcEazy

The easiest strategy to grow your internet business is to provide bulk discounts if you are aware of how your company is expanding. For that, you need to pick the best plugin that will offer a ton of functions and help your WooCommerce store in every way.

And one of the best plugins, wcEazy, is loaded with features and functionalities, including a bulk discount.

Let’s explore the Quantity Discount from BOGO Deal accessing procedure.

Step #1

when you decide to utilize wcEazy after being persuaded of its advantages. You must first add the plugin to your dashboard. To do this, select the Add New option for plugins and finish installing and activating the plugins.

BOGO Deals -1

Step #2

Then click on wcEazy and all modules will appear in the backend portion where you can find the BOGO Deal. 

BOGO Deals- 2

To access the BOGO deals and create bulk discounts go for the Settings.

Step #3

Here in BOGO deal you can add a rule and select the discount type. You can go for a percentage discount or fixed discount as you need. You also can fix the discount amount here.

BOGO Deals - 3

It will also allow you to add rules and delete rules. Don’t forget to save the changes every time after making any particular changes. 

Step #4

Here below you will find Products to Buy and Products to Gift options. So you can select the products to buy and the products to gift from here. 

BOGO Deals - 4

You also have to enter the required product quantity to buy and gift. You can add as many products as you want. 

BOGO Deals - 5

Don’t forget to save the changes after making any change or creating any rule. To add new rule click on Add Rule button 

The ideal WooCommerce extension for BOGO Deals

You can offer discounts for your WooCommerce business using one of the many bulk discount plugins available on the market. Given the performance, workflow, range of applications, and flexibility of the plugin, wcEazy will be the ideal choice in this situation.

With the help of the boosting moduleBOGO Deal for wcEazys, you may provide mass discounts to a sizable section of your consumers. Always keep in mind that the best plugin will help both your store and your customers because it has a ton of functions.

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